Getting there

The event is set in a 6 acre field, 50km due East of Dandenong.  A map of how to find the venue is shown below.  Visitors are welcome to bring a swag, tent or caravan and stay for the weekend.  Visitors are encouraged to set up an antenna and have a play on-air, or just come along to attend the presentations and demonstrations.  

Site Plan & Facilities

Follow the white dotted line to reach the Event Area.  All access gates will be left open for the weekend.  The ‘resident’ animals will be contained in their own paddock.

Most vehicles should have little difficulty in driving directly to the event area.  If it rains hard, the ground may become soft, but a tractor is on hand to give extra traction to anyone who has any difficulty.   The resident cows and alpacas will be locked up in their own paddock, so that all access gates can remain open for the weekend.

The following are available to attendees: toilets, town water (one tap), camp kitchen & BBQ, shared fire pit for a camp fire (subject to fire restrictions). Mains power is available in the pavilion for presentations. Toilet facilities for those with disabilities are available

The following are not available: Access to AC Main power. Please – no generators

The aim is to provide an opportunity for visitors to do their own thing and enjoy themselves.  Antenna work can sometimes be dangerous, often requiring ladders and guy ropes. There will be a designated Safety Officer who will keep an eye on proceedings.  If the Safety Officer sees some activity where it looks like people are endangering themselves, or others, then visitors may be asked to improve a situation or change the way that work is being done.  If kids are brought along, then it will be up to the parents to keep an eye on them.   A First Aid kit will be on hand in the Pavilion area.